1. How I can start sending SMS ?

You have to purchase the package and register your account. You can start sending message that instant itself. No need to take sender id approval initially. If you want custom sender id, create that and it will take time to approve (half an hour to 2 hours, only in working days)

2. What is the difference between Promotion and Transaction SMS packages ?

Promotion packages are mainly for marketing sms and promotional messages. It may deliver messages without sender id (default six digit numbers) and deliver only to non DND numbers. Transaction packages are for official messages and deliver to all numbers with your custom sender id. Mainly transaction route is for official messages and premium messages.
We have premium promotion SMS route with Sender ID, it will appear like Transaction messages, but it deliver to non DND numbers. It also availble in our panel.

3. Message credits have any validity ?

We offer unlimited validity for the message credits. At any time you can send messages. No restriction for message timing. Also you can shift sms credits from one route to other.

4. Does SMS BITS provide SMS API and Support ?

We have tailor made SMS API for web portals and Mobile Apps. You can request for SMS API after purchasing the account. Our technical team will help you to integrate that.

5. If I purchase the account, is the payment safe ?

We assure high security to your bank details with SSL host. So it will be 100% safe and secured. SMS credits will add to your account instantly once your payment done.

6. Any refund options for messages ?

If you created an account and can't use the account. We are giving refund to that account, if its within a week. Bank transaction charges applicable. After 7 days we are not giving any refund to any account, because your payments are settled to operators for message route.

7. Does reseller panel support unlimited users ?

Our reseller account support unlimited user account and free payment gateway. You can add and reduce credits at anytime. You can manage accounts and track records.

8. What's Multi route option in API SMS ?

In many cases, if an API sms fail to deliver the message to receiver, no other alternative available in the route, other than repeat push. But the response will be same. Ensure 100% delivery, we have multi operator option for API SMS. All the users can use the option, if the first route fail to deliver messages to certain numbers they can opt the other routes to repush messages.